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Child custody evaluation work is significantly different than other forms of psychological testing and evaluation. It requires an understanding of the complex issues related to divorce and child custody that the psychological evaluation of adults or children for treatment issues. Dr. Kanaventi, Psy.D. has performed many evaluations through the Los Angeles Superior Court and her experience has allowed her to be impartial, communicative about the process, and focused on the best interest of the child. Each evaluation is uniquely developed for the needs of your family. Typically evaluations include individual interviews with both parents and the children. The children will also be observed with both parents to better understand the child parent relationship and family dynamics.

The evaluation may also include speaking with family members or friends who have contact with your family regularly. The children’s school or other professionals working with your children may also be contacted. 

At the conclusion of the evaluation an impartial analysis of all the information will be conducted to provide recommendations that will be made to the court. All recommendations will heavily emphasize the best interest of the child and typically include but are not limited to: custody and visitation recommendations; a parenting plan that identifies the time-share and responsibilities of the parents, outline expectations for the parents to deal with future conflicts; and recommendations therapy for parents and/or children. The main goal of evaluations is to decipher the best interest of the child that allows the child to have a healthy relationship with both parents and removes the child from parental conflict.

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