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Dr. Kanaventi has over a decade of experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, groups, and children. As human beings, we all struggle and a positive therapy experience can be empowering and transformative. The purpose of our therapy practice is to help you become free from the grips of sadness, anxiety, pain, or hurtful relationships.

Dr. Kanaventi is experienced working with several different life stressors and works from a strengths-based position and places great value on identifying opportunities for growth and supporting positive change during challenging life stressors. Each treatment plan she works collaboratively with clients to identify concrete areas for growth, and does so while focusing on the individual needs of each client and establishing a safe place to explore difficult life transitions. Dr. Kanaventi uses a wide range of individual therapy techniques to help transform feelings of sadness, anxiety, or guilt into freedom and connectedness. Whether you are seeking to address a particular problem or issue, to practice self-care, or achieve personal growth, the therapeutic process will help cultivate a resilience that will be with through every challenge you face.

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