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My Approach

Dr. Kanaventi is passionate about helping families and individuals develop effective strategies to improve connection and increase resilience.  Dr. Kanaventi works from a strengths-based perspective to help individuals and families develop the resiliency necessary to face challenging situations. She believes finding empowerment helps individuals gain knowledge, skill-sets, and the attitude needed to cope with life’s circumstances and to increase control over their own lives. She uses her clinical skills to defuse the anger and help individuals and focus on the issues they find important. Dr. Kanaventi has a unique ability to effectively negotiate very complex and high conflict cases within divorce and child custody issues. Her primary goal is to support the family unit in developing the capacity to thrive.

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About me

Dr. Kanaventi is a licensed clinical psychologist who is passionate about working in a collaborative way to understand the needs of a person and provide support in a safe and empathic space. She believes the therapeutic process begins with developing a trusting relationship where the client is able to explore each person’s unique history in a respectful way to heal from pain and build resiliency. Dr. Kanaventi provides a nonbiased space to feel supported and explore, together, the feelings and life experiences that influence a person and shape making life decisions.  




Dr. Kanaventi has over a decade of experience providing therapy to individuals, couples, groups, and children. As human beings, we all struggle and a positive therapy experience can be empowering and transformative. The purpose of our therapy practice is to help you become free from the grips of sadness, anxiety, pain, or hurtful relationships. 


Under the very best circumstances, separation can be difficult on all parties involved—and can be even more challenging when children are involved.  Many co-parents struggle to develop a custody plan that meets the needs of both parents, while also serving the best needs of the child. 

Reunification & Conjoint Therapy

Every child deserves the ability to have a positive relationship with both parents. Sometimes there are factors that may negatively impact the parent child bond. If your child has a rupture in their parental relationship it may be time to seek a third party to assist with the family dynamics and the unique needs of your child. 

Custody Evaluations

Child custody evaluation work is significantly different than other forms of psychological testing and evaluation. It requires an understanding of the complex issues related to divorce and child custody that the psychological evaluation of adults or children for treatment issues. 

Couple & Family Therapy 

There is strength in the process of group therapy in didactic and process oriented settings. Finding support, empathy, and resiliency from others while working towards a collaborative goal may be a powerful experience. Please inquire within, a variety of groups may be available based on time of inquiry with a mixture of virtual and in person available.

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